Creative Printing of Bay County, Panama City, Florida - Customer Service Representative - Carol

Meet Carol

Carol Marrone has managed our front counter operations for the last five years. If you’ve stopped in to see us or called us on the phone, Carol is probably the first person you dealt with at Creative Printing.

As customer service representative and director of first impressions, Carol takes pride in helping customers navigate their printing service options. She uses her keen experience and friendly personality to walk people through their options and help them figure out what they actually want and need from us.

Carol takes the information she gets from customers and uses it to write up orders that kick off nearly every printing job we do.

In addition to providing top notch customer service on person and over the phone, Carol also runs digital copy jobs. When she started with us five years ago, she ran the old copy machine we have. Now, she processes digital copy projects on our two state-of-the-art copy machines.

Learning new copy machines isn’t the only challenge Carol has faced at Creative. In fact, every day is full of challenges. Each day, Carol makes it her mission to satisfy every customer request to the fullest extent possible. This may mean she ends up doing some running around to make things happen, but she enjoys it. “There are no typical days,” says Carol, but it’s all about “[getting the customer] what they need when they need it.”

For Carol, the best days are the ones where she’s able to conquer those challenges. Her favorite part of the job is helping to make a customer’s vision become reality. Customer satisfaction is what it’s all about. Carol loves it when customers pick up their completed print orders and say, “Wow, that’s just what I wanted.”

And what’s better than giving someone exactly what they wanted? Delivering the work before the deadline. That’s a regular event at Creative.

When she’s not counseling customers on print jobs or wrangling the digital copiers, Carol might be found doing volunteer work for Capstone House, a non-profit organization based in Panama City that is dedicated to the study of all things metaphysical.

Carol has a string of regular visitors to her home, including relatives who have passed. Carol says she gets frequent visits from her dad, who smokes cigars that everyone can smell, and her convertible-driving uncle. There’s even a big fluffy white cat who visits and keeps Carol’s cat, Elvis, on his toes.

So whether she's sharing her new house with visiting spirits or bending over backwards to help customers with their orders, Carol is yet another essential part of our team at Creative Printing!