Creative Printing of Bay County, Panama City, Florida - Printing and Graphics Information - Frequently Asked Questions

Graphics Department

If you don't want the hassle of setting up your files yourself, allow one of our creative graphic artists to do it for you. We have two artists in the shop all day everyday with experience and knowledge. We can also design custom logos for your business. Our rates are $55.00 per hour. The set up fee is included in basic designs on business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and promotional items.

Creative Printing of Bay County, Panama City, Florida - Print Job Samples and Logos

To save you money and save on production time you have the option of submitting your file production ready. To assure your files are production ready please follow checklist below.

Submitting Production Ready Files.

Accepted files types for Windows:

• All Adobe Acrobat PDF versions •

Adobe InDesign up to version CS5 • Adobe Illustrator up to version CS5 • Adobe Photoshop up to version CS5

Corel up to version 5 • Microsoft Publisher 2010

NOTE: For files created in other programs that are not listed - please export a PDF or EPS file of your project. If your files do not fall in these categories, then there may be additional charges to attempt to process your files. We may not be able to process your files, and your project may be delayed.

MARGINS: If your project is going to the press, please make sure that there is at least a 3/8 inch margin around the printed area.

BLEEDS: All printed products require an 1/8 inch bleed. If you do not furnish a bleed, we will do our best to trim your product, however, WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE for the outcome.

CMYK vs RGB: If your file is in RGB we cannot be responsible for the color conversion to CMYK. Most often all of your bright colors will go brown, so your results will be MUCH better if you furnish your files CMYK.

RESOLUTION: Your files should be at least 300 DPI. Resampling files from a low DPI to 300 DPI does NOT produce good results. Graphics copied off of the internet may also produce poor results.

PROCESSING YOUR FILES: Your printing project price includes processing your files for printing ONE TIME. If you want to submit a new file for any reason, there may be an additional charge. Our prepress rates are $55.00 per hour.

PROOFS: Initial proofs, if requested, are provided at no charge. If multiple proofs are required for a project, additional fees will be incurred. If requested, a PDF emailed proof can be furnished. Please be aware that a color laser proof does not always reflect what the final printed product will look like. If you choose to receive an emailed proof, we cannot guarantee the color you see on your monitor or personal printer will be the color or quality of the finished product.

If you have any question regarding this checklist please call or email us.

Our goal is to prevent problems that may delay your production schedule, incur additional expense or produce an unexpected product.