Frequently Asked Questions.

CMYK vs RGB vs Spot Color

CMYK - Most color presses use a combination of these four colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black to build and create full color output.

RGB - RGB colors are those used by most monitors and most Color Laser Printers to display full color. It is NOT used in offset printing. If your job contains RGB it will have to be converted to CMYK to be printed or produced digitally on the color laser printer.

Spot - If your job requires one, two or three PMS colors, you will need to choose from a variety of pantone colors. The PMS colors then must separate and contain only the chosen colors. Any additional colors will be charged as such.

Finished size vs folded size

Finished size is the size it is before it is folded.

Folded size is the size of the job after the fold or folds.


The number of inks printing on either side.

1/0 - Prints on one side one color

4/1 - Process color on front and one color on back


If your job prints past the edge of the paper it will need at least 1/8" bleed.

QTY of edges that bleed - Does your job only bleed off of one side or all around?