Creative Printing of Bay County How to Make Your Resume stand out
Are you trying to get a job and not having much luck? Is your resume the traditional, template version? In today’s economy there are so many people applying for jobs, you need to make your resume stand out from the crowd. It’s time to get creative with your resume. You only have a few seconds to grab your possible employer’s attention, so make them count! 

Take a look at the tips below to make sure your resume stands out!

                   o   Keep accomplishments to the last 5 years

                   o   Simply saying, “You can count on me to get things done” will stand out

                    o   Add descriptive words to the title – Instead of writing “Content Writer” write “Content Writer with 5 Years’ Experience” or "Production Assistant" vs. "Production Assistant for Video Editing"
Creative Printing of Bay County Experience on resume

                 o   For example, “Increased sales by 45% with significantly recognized customer service skills.”

                 o   Examples, “able to do,” “participated in,” “played a vital role in,” or “responsible for.”

Creative Printing Panama City Focus on the story of your resume

              o   Example, University of Prestige. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Years Attended: 2005 - 2009. (Fact)

              o   Coursework included the following electives: "The History of Web Technology," and "Online Journalism." Won the "Forward Thinking National Award" on my final paper predicting the growing popularity of social media. (Story) 

So the next time you’re preparing your resume, make sure you keep these ideas in mind. Make sure you’re confident and prepared. At Creative Printing of Bay County, we want to help provide you with tips to help you any way that we can. If you have any further questions or questions regarding the software program you’re using to create your resume, contact us or simply comment below.